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Entry #5

''Imagine THis Extended''

2009-01-13 01:30:02 by JohnDare

I make a big project for a mix of my two songs ''Imagine THis''

-House, Electro, R&B style. But a new version...
-It will have lyrics and voice choir...
-Longer than 2min...
-A video clip...

I want to finish it before summer (June)

If you have idea.....leave me an opinion! Thank! =)


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2009-01-22 21:35:53

Ive put one of your songs on my cd - enjoy! /bladeheart.rar.html


2009-04-30 07:33:30

Im just thinking, Could you make some kinda loop out of the Imagine this remix. I really like the music from 16 to 31 secs. It could be an awesome for stuff.